Hamilton Chartered Accountant


Welcome to Barraclough & Associates

Barraclough & Associates Limited is a Hamilton based Chartered Accountant and Business Advisory Services practice.

The firm was founded in 1985 by John Barraclough to assist its clients to achieve their business goals.

Although John retired from the practice in 2018, the firm is still in great hands, with Grant Hodder having been a director since 2008.

Helping clients with their statutory compliance requirements is the minimum level businesses can expect from their accountants. We aim to go beyond that basic level of service to determine what clients want from their business and help them chart a course to success.

Our mission statement is to ‘work with our clients to achieve their business goals’

How do we do this?

We employ skilled people

We educate and mentor our clients

We use modern tools and equipment

We provide relevant business solutions

We provide a network of other service providers